Warrior is a meele tanker/DPS class. To advance to a warrior you must be Lv.10+ and complete all quests up to Chico City

Class Change QuestsEdit

How to qualify for class change :To get class change quests you have to do all quests up to Chico Trade City. If you are Lv. 9 when you get there your class master will give you a quest to get to Lv.10.

Note: Warriors class change quest is the hardest

Quests: The first quest is to go to Stormy Shore and kill 12 Blinx Leaders and 18 Blinx. It is sugested to bait a blinx leader around so other monsters start attacking you too. Second quest to become a warrior is like all others. Just take the quest,open your invetory and use the Warrior Elixir. You will get a chest with a Lv.10 set. A sword and shield and a greatsword.

Paths:  At Lv.30 Warrior can either become a knight (tank) or berserker (DPS)

Warrior weaponsEdit

Warrior is the class that can use a large variety of weapons (9 total if you count shield).

Shield: Shield can be only used with 1 handed weapons. Shield doesn't increase damage but it increases accuracy and defence and is needed for certain skills.

1H: Warrior can use every 1H weapon other than wands. Those weapons are: Axe,sword,mace and dagger. Though the attack animations don't make much of a difference the main difference is attack speed and damage. Categorized by damage from lowest to highest: Dagger -> Mace -> Sword -> Axe. You can also dual wield any of these weapons but enjoy it while you can. At Lv.30 you must use a shield or 2H weapon for skills.

Note: Damage is not the main difference. Dagger for example is the only of those that adds critical. And their attack speed varies greatly.

2H: Only 2H weapons warrior can't use are knuckles and staff. The 2H weapons warrior can use are: Greatsword,2H axe,2H mace. 2H weapons do high damage,have high AOE but are very slow. By damage 2H weapons from lowest to highest go: 2H Axe -> Greatsword -> 2H mace.

Note: Axe is the only one of these that adds critical. But greatsword is also the only one that adds positive attack speed. Mace and axe add negative (-7 etc)

Spear: You may wonder why I didn't mention spear in 2H. Reason is because the difference in animation and attack speed is too big. Spear has completely different animations than 2H weps warrior can use. It also has much higher attack speed (Difference between 2H Lv.15 axe and Lv.15 spear is 17 attack speed)