One peaceful afternoon, a young child came across a cute cat while out exploring.

Fluttering in the air with strange purple wings, it stared intently at the child with its large round eyes.


Upon hearing the adorable cat speak, the child nodded his head without hesitation.

As if he had already expected such an answer, the cat flashed a beaming smile, uttered a few words, and waved his staff. The ground began to shake followed by a bright light forming strange glyphs on the ground. The magic portal to the world of Ariel had been opened.

The child was at a loss for words as they set foot in the strange new world of Ariel. They had a long and arduous adventure ahead of them, but there was no turning back. Their contract with Kai had been sealed.

Though the child may not have known it then, the wheels of destiny had already been set in motion long before this moment.

The war of Heroes

The Wise King with his great power and vast knowledge was the first to unite the world of Ariel, though his reign could not last forever. After his rule came many successors each trying to live up to his legend, but none were fit to replace him.

Each new successor brought their own abilities and at the same time their own faults. Successors would compare their abilities with one another, and against the Wise King, resulting in a struggle for power over the thrown.

This struggle continued for many years, ultimately resulting in the legendary War of Heroes, a battle between successors that almost destroyed the world of Ariel. The war of heroes was anything but heroic, an uncontrollable chaos that threatened even the gods themselves.

Finally, angels descended onto the battlefield led by the Goddess of Destiny. She cast out those who stood against her, and worked to establish a new set of orders for the world. Seven Wise Kings were appointed by the ancient goddess, and each given a Dimensional Key as a symbol of their authority.

The rise of Demons

A powerful hatred grew deep within the hearts of the exiled successors who had felt that the angels had deprived them of their destiny.

Pellos, God of intrigue had been waiting for the right moment to make his move against the Goddess of Destiny, Iris, and saw this as the perfect opportunity. He gathered the successors together and worked to conjure demons fueled by the darkness in their hearts. An unholy alliance with the intent to defeat Iris had been created.

The world remained peaceful up until this point, but the demons quickly began to influence the world around them.Darkness began to take over allowing the demons to quickly defeat anyone who stood in their way. In the end, only the strongest of heroes survived. At last, the peace of the world disappeared as the demons united under Palor, their newfound ruler.

The War of Darkness

Under the rule of Palor, the demon army of darkness began their invasion on Ariel and countless innocent lives were lost by the hand of the demons.

Many prayed to the gods for the angels to return and protect their world from such horrors.

There was but one who answered the call to become saviour of the world.The saviour was not an angel, but instead a nameless warrior, ready to stand alone against the seemingly undefeatable army of darkness.

The warrior eliminated the invading demons with magnificent power and turned his attention to Palor, only for the demon to retreat into the darkness he came from.

The descendants of the heavens

The descendants of the heavens, angels known as the Altreia were amonst the first to set foot on the newly reclaimed land of Ariel. However, the creatures that now inhabited this place met them with such hostility that they would not be able to remain and offer their protection.

The legendary warrior who would come to be known as Dangun was approached by the Altreia who had fears that Palor might one day regain his powers and return to destroy Ariel.

Dangun, sharing the same worries, formed a contract with the Altreia that his future children would inherit his abilities through their shared bloodline. Upon their birth, they would be sent away from Ariel, to an ordinary world in a different dimension so that they could grow up free from harm. A guardian known as Kai would also be sent along with them, to watch over them from a distance.

Should the day come where Ariel was once again in peril, the children would return with Kai, fulfilling their destiny, eliminating Palor, and protecting the peace of Ariel.