Icon Level Skill Name Necessary Skill Distance/Range Skill Description
Passive Skills
Magic Mastery
10 Magic Mastery - - Trains your mind to increase Spell Damage
Mental Training
10 Mental Training - - Trains your mind to increase Mana Regeneration
Elemental Mastery
20 Elemental Mastery - - Study the elements to build up resistance
Fire Attribute Skills
Flame Core
10 Flame Core - 8.0m/3.0m Cast an explosive ball of fire at the enemy
Fire Wall
16 Fire Wall

Magic Mastery Lv.3

Flame Core Lv.3

10.0m/4.0m Cast a flame barrier that decreases the elemental resistance of enemies
Flame Booster
24 Flame Booster

Magic Mastery Lv7

Flame Core Lv5

8.5m/3.5m Cast a fireball that inflicts massive damage and occassionally stuns the enemy
Ice Attribute Skills
Icre Arrow
10 Ice Arrow -


Shoot a frozen arrow at the enemy decreasing their movement speed
Frigid Fog

Frigid Fog

Magic Mastery Lv.3

Ice Arrow Lv.3

6.0m Form a dense fog that chills enemies
Lightning Attribute Skills
10 Thunderbolt - 8.5m/3.1m Cast a thunderbolt that occasionally shocks the enemy
Lightning Detonation
12 Lightning Detonation Magic Mastery Lv.1 8.0m/3.5m Strike teh enemies with lightning decreasing their resistance
Electric Booster
16 Electric Booster Thunderbolt Lv.3 8.5m/5.5m Cast a tuhnderbolt that damages nearby enemies and occasionally shocks them
Lightning Bomb
20 Lightning Strike

Magic Mastery Lv.4

Electric Booster Lv.1

8.5m/5.5m Strike an area with lightning that decreases lightning resistance
24 Thunderstorm

Magic Mastery Lv.7

Lightning Strike Lv.1

6.0m/5.0m Summon a thunderstorm that delivers massive damage and occasionally shocks the enemy
Lightning Wave
28 Disruption Thunderstorm Lv.1 10.0m/3.1m Create a tidal wave out of electricity that damages enemies
Abnormal State Skills


Magic Mastery Lv.4 7.0m/3.0m Make the target fall into a deep sleep
26 Silence Magic Mastery Lv.4 7.0m Silence the enemy to prevent them from casting spells
Recovery Skills
10 Heal - 10.0m Heal yourself as well as party members
Party Heal
14 Party Heal Heal Lv.1 - Continously heal party members
18 Revive Heal Lv.4 7.0m Ressurect a fallen ally. The higher the level the more HP will be restored
Buff Skills
12 Striking Mental Training Lv.1 - Increases damage of party members
Increase Spell
14 Magic Booster Magic Mastery Lv.1 - Increases magic damage by focusing mana
16 Physical Protection Mental Training Lv.3 - Increases the defence of party members
Life Boost
22 Health Booster Mental Training Lv.5 - Increases the max HP of party members
26 Haste

Mental Training Lv.8

Quick Move Lv.2

- Increases the movement speed of you and nearby allies

Note: When using ressurection or heal you can press V to target the member (or even clone) you want to heal/ressurect