Icon Level Skill Name

Necessary Skills

Distance/Range Skill Description
Passive Skills
Move Mastery Skill
10 Movement Mastery - - Trains your body to increase Evasion and Movement Speed
Attack Mastery
10 Attack Mastery - - Trains your body to increase Physical Damage
All Weapon Skills
Poison Bomb
10 Poison Bomb - 8.0m/3.0m Condense energy and throw it causing it to explode like a bomb
          \ 24 Spider Bolt - 8.0m Create a spider web out of lightning that prevents the enemy from moving
Bow,Crossbow and Gun Skills
Double Shot
10 Double Shot - 8.0m/1.7m Shoot an arrow twice quickly
Hold Shot
10 Holding Shot - 9.0m/3.5m Shoot your enemy in the knee deacreasing their movement speed for a short period
Triple Shot
14 Triple Shot Double Shot Lv.3 8.0m/1.7m Shoot an arrow three times quickly
Poison Blast
16 Poison Blast Poison Bomb Lv.4 8.0m/3.0m Fire a posion arrow that deals continuous poison damage
Arrow Rain
20 Arrow Rain Poison Blast Lv.1 Triple Shot Lv.2 5.0m Rain arrows down upon the enemy
          \ 26 Multi Shot Attack Mastery Lv.7 Triple Shot Lv.4 6.0m Fire a large ammount of arrows forward in a wide range damaging enemies
1H and Knuckle Skills
          \ 10 Sonic Blade - 3.3m/1.6m Quickly swing your weapon to attack enemies in front of you
          \ 10 Poison Attack - 2.0m/1.5m Coat your weapon with poison causing continuous poison damage
Blitz Cutting
14 Blitz Cutting Attack Mastery Lv.3 Sonic Blade Lv.3 3.0m/1.9m Attack rapidly with high speed
Fury of Earth
16 Fury of Earth Attack Mastery Lv.4 This skill can be used at any range and without a target Collide with the ground creating a large explosion
          \ 20 Concealed Sting Attack Mastery Lv.6 1.0m/2.0m Hide a sharp blade under the ground that causes enemies to bleed
          \ 26 Illusion Fury of Earth Lv.3 Concelaed Sting Lv.3 5.0m/3.5m Create an illusion to attack alongside you
Buff Skills
Soul Bleeding
14 Bleeding Soul Movement Mastery Lv.3 - Sacrifice your HP to recover MP and increase damage
18 Dash Movement Mastery Lv.5 Quick Move Lv.2 - Dash quickly increasing your movement speed
22 Evasion Movement Mastery Lv.6 - Increases the evasion of party members
Increase Critical
22 Increase Critical Attack Mastery Lv.5 - Increase critical attack rate of party members

Note: Illusion and Blitz Cut have a chance to decrease enemies attack speed and increase your evasion