L0v.2 Clone Master Udin

Quest detail

Greetings, I am Clone Master Udin, trained in incubating and evolving Clones.

What! You don't know what a Clone is? Clones are friendly monsters that assist you in battle. You can incubate Clones from Clone DNA that you can obtain by hunting monsters.

Use the Sea Urchin DNA and a Life Scroll in your inventory to incubate your clone through me. Talk to me once you've obtained a Sea Urchin Clone.

Clones are incubated by talking to Clone Master NPCs and clicking the Incubate/Evolve Button.

Requirements Level 2+
Completed the quest Skill Practice
Repeatable No
How to complete Incubate the Sea Urchin DNA you recieved from the previous quest.
Reward 140 EXP
10 Apples
Game None