This is the first continent of Heva Clonia online.



  • Ominous Bird's Nest
  • Whirlpool Shore
  • Goblin Outpost
  • Stormy Shore
  • Chico City
  • Hokoi Road
  • Red Pirate Fortress
  • Neo-Wraith Ring Entrance
  • Neo-Wraith Ring
  • Lourin Farm
  • Broul Fortress Entrance
  • Broul Fortress
  • Temple of Fortune
  • Brownie Village Entrance
  • Brownie Village
  • Sage Hill
  • Asuka Temple Entrance
  • Asuka Temple
  • Black Rock Quarry Entrance
  • Black Rock Quarry
  • Black Rock Camp


  • Sea Crab's Nest
  • Arachne's Nest
  • Black Rock Mine

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