Hunter is a unique class because it's the only one that can use 2 types of weapons. And not as in 1H and 2H. As in meele and ranged. Half of hunters skills are ranged, half are melee.

Class Change Quests

How to qualify for class change :To get class change quests you have to do all quests up to Chico Trade City. If you are Lv. 9 when you get there your class master will give you a quest to get to Lv.10.

Quests: The first quest is to go to Stormy Shore and kill 12  RamuRamus and 8 Blinkies within 12 minutes. No need for tips because the quest is easy to do within the time limit,just don't stand around after you complete it though you will waste time! Second quest to become a hunter is like all others. Just take the quest,open your invetory and use the Hunter Elixir. You will get a chest with a Lv.10 set. A bow and knuckles

Paths:  At Lv.30 Hunter can either become an Archer or Assassin


Hunter can use both ranged and meele weapons as already mentioned. And depending on the weapon you choose at Lv.10 you have to be careful about which skills you get up to Lv.30.

Ranged: For ranged you probably expect bow because of the archer path. But hunter can use a bow,crossbow and gun. Nothing very special about the differences other than: Higher damage,lower speed. By speed lowest to highest: Gun -> Bow -> Crossbow

Meele: Hunter can use every 1H weapon AND knuckles. Knuckles are the fastest choice though dual wielding can be better at times because the assassin path does not prevent you from dual wielding unlike the other classes. By speed (Not ranking by damage because speed is more important for hunters) lowest to highest: 1H Mace -> 1H Axe -> 1H Sword -> 1H Dagger -> Knuckles

Heva Online Hunter Archer and Assassin Footage

Heva Online Hunter Archer and Assassin Footage