OGPlanet's main staff that you will mostly see around are called Game Masters, GM for short. They host community events, investigate issues, help players experiencing difficulties, reinforce the rules, and work with the developers to help make the game a nice,safe, pleasant environment for all who may come to Heva Clonia Online. They will never, by any means request account information such as your password from you. The current GMs are;

IGN Forum Name
[GM]EdgeOut support287
[GM]Muziq support272
[GM]Waldo support268

If you have to contact a GM through the forum, they are identified by the name 'support' and then a number that is unique to each Game Master. If it is an account specific issue you need assistance with, do not contact the GMs about it - instead, submit a Help Desk Ticket for security reasons. Bans are not to be discussed on the forum either, nor is a GM to be contacted about them - submit a help desk ticket if you wish to discuss a ban.