No MMO is complete without crafting! Well.. some are.. but that's beside the point! Will you need to find special recipes or go through the tedious process of leveling a specific craft? No! In Heva Clonia Online, everyone is a master of every craft - be it armor, weapons, potions, or higher grade materials - you can craft them! This page will not only show you how to craft, but it will also show you what you can craft, what level you need to be for it to show up on your list, the needed materials to craft it, and where you can find the materials.

How to Craft

To obtain the crafting skill, you need to complete the quest : Crafting Lessons.
If you don't want to learn it from the quest - you can learn it from a Class Master in Chico City.
Disassembling is also done with this skill.

How to Collect