Quest detail Oh, there's no need to worry about the supplies. They're scheduled to arrive shortly and then we'll be able to drive the goblins out from the area. I hear the Pirate King Kruger has generously supplied us with a number of his men, but I'm worried they they'll be exhausted after they navigate through the storm. Please eliminate the Blinx and RamuRamu and then talk to Woody to see about finding a way to calm the storm.
Requirements Level 7+
Completed the quest Reason of Delay
Repeatable No
How to complete Kill 8 Blinx
Kill 8 RamuRamu
Reward 6,200 EXP
6,600 Gold
Epic Leather Shoes
Additional Reward (One only):
-2 Defence Up Potion
-2 Attack Up Potion
-2 Speed Up Potion
Game No

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